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Lei Hua outdoor Co., Ltd. to remind you how to buy down sleeping bags.
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How can you choose to buy down sleeping bags? According to the different environment and different places to choose the corresponding type of sleeping bag is also increasingly concerned, the summer star sky outing with the general seven hole cotton is enough, winter or to a certain high altitude area, down sleeping bag is also the first choice. Here, I will not discuss cotton sleeping bags. After all, cotton is cotton and has its limitations. As a high quality sleeping bag, although the quality of the down sleeping bag is obvious, it is often influenced by people's habits.
The feather, as its name implies, is the feather on the feather. It is not wool, and the skin surface of the animal organizes a very light and thin villi, which mainly acts as a thermal insulation. Because of its good thermal insulation function, it was later used as the main filler for sleeping bags, and the down sleeping bag has also become a weapon in outdoor activities. There are many kinds of flannel, and the velvet used for sleeping bags is more common with white goose down and gray duck down. Of course, there are also top Iceland bird fleece. This sleeping bag is expensive. White goose and gray duck are also slightly different in the warmth retention coefficient, of course this is very subtle, the general people can not detect, compared with the white goose a little advantage, one is that the light color is suitable for any fabric, two is lower protein content than the duck, when the sleep bag wet condition, the degree of odor is slightly. Slightly light.
Down is a kind of animal protein fiber, which is more thermal insulation than cotton and plant cellulose, and the down ball fiber is densely covered with tens of thousands of small triangular pores. It can shrink and expand with the change of temperature and produce temperature regulating function. It can absorb the hot gas flowing from the body and insulate the invasion of cold air from the outside world.
The feather sleeping bags are divided into several grades according to the two comprehensive indexes of the pile's fluffiness and filling volume.
First, bulky degree and bulky degree are used to measure the soft flex and insulation ability of the down products, calculated by the cubic inch volume of each feather. The bigger the bulky degree, the better the quality of the down. The image is figuratively figurative, assuming that an unexploded corn is a bunch of low fluffy down cashmere, and a completely exploded corn is a bunch of high fluffy down duvet. The volume of the two kinds of corn was measured separately. Obviously, the "completely exploded" corn occupies a larger space. In general, the fluffy of the down sleeping bag is about 600-700, and the cost of its production is another grade. As for some manufacturers in China, the claim of up to eight hundred or nine hundred of the fluffiness is not necessarily reliable. The fluffiness of 600~700 can basically be applied to outdoor activities of all grades. Of course, expeditions in extremely high cold regions are exceptions. In Europe and America, there were 900 down bags for fluffy degrees.
Filling volume is generally divided into 350, 500, 800, 1000, 1500 and other grades, according to the unit, say white is the sleeping bag filled with how many grams of velvet, 500 of the meaning is to fill 500 grams of velvet. The more the filling, the more expensive the price, the better the insulation effect.