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Day-to-day cleaning and maintenance of sleeping bags
Post Time:2013-03-28  Hots:554
At ordinary times when people use sleeping bags more or less think how to avoid it is not very dirty, in fact, I tell you here that the sleeping bag in fact cleaning and maintenance are very simple, we do not worry too much, the following is to tell you that sleeping bags I clean and keep.
1. Please use neutral detergent or special sleeping bag cleaning agent to clean the sleeping bag. Do not use strong detergent, bleach and clothing softener, which will destroy the structure of the feather and reduce the fluffy.
2. Before washing, the sleeping bags can be soaked for a short time. Soft brush is used to gently clean the dirty parts of the head, neckline, footstep and so on.
3. Sleeping bags can be washed by the front roller washing machine, but the upper type turbine washing machine can not be used. Turn the sleeping bag out before washing machine, pull all zippers and buckle up. Washing machine chooses warm water and mild mode. Do not use the dry cleaning function. Strong centrifugal force will damage sleeping bag fabric and lining.
4, please thoroughly wash detergent and soap foam.
5. After cleaning, do not pick up the sleeping bags from the side, but take the sleeping bags from the bottom as a whole, otherwise they will damage the sleeping bags and lining.
6. Frequent washing often damages the sleeping bag's thermal insulation down. Therefore, please minimize the frequency of washing when you keep it clean.
1. Sleeping bags are suitable for drying in a ventilated and dry environment, avoiding strong sunlight, and ultraviolet rays will damage nylon surface.
2, you can use a large capacity commercial dryer, keep low temperature drying and sleeping bags have enough room for turning.
3. After drying, please continue to shake the sleeping bag and gently pat down the down gathering place, so that the down is completely stretched and the sleeping bag is restored to its original state and then loaded into the storage bag.
1, daily storage, please try to choose a dry, cool environment, and make sure that sleeping bags are clean.
2, can not be placed in compressed bags for storage, long-term compression will make the down fluffiness of the down, resulting in loss of elasticity of the thermal insulation layer, thereby reducing the thermal performance. You can use the bottom tape to hang in the wardrobe
3, if it is not used for a long time, it is recommended that the sleeping bags should be arranged for a period of time so that it can be completely stretched and dried and reloaded into storage bags or upside down.
1. 1-2 days before the outdoor exercise, please fully extend the sleeping bag, which is conducive to giving full play to its thermal performance in the wild. Put the sleeping bag in the compressed bag before starting
2. Do not wear your coat into sleeping bags in cold weather. It is recommended to wear only underwear to sleep. This helps to improve the temperature and comfort of sleeping bags.
3. In the camp, if the time permits, the sleeping bag will be turned out in the morning and placed in the top of the tent or in a dry, ventilated and sunny environment, which will help the sleeping bag dry. The wind is to avoid intense daylight daylight
4. When it is accepted, the sleeping bag can be rolled up once, and most of the air is squeezed out. Then the sleeping bag is spread out, and the sleeping bag is placed in the compression bag irregular from the rear end. It is not recommended to roll into the compression bag, because long term regular rolling will accelerate the aging of sleeping bag cloth because of unbalanced force.
5, the down sleeping bag fabric has waterproof or water splashing function, but if the weather and damp in the way, please seal the sleeping bag with plastic bags to avoid wet air entering the sleeping bag.