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How to clean the down sleeping bag
Post Time:2013-03-28  Hots:351
Although the sleeping bag can be cleaned, it can reduce its use, whether it is a cotton sleeping bag or a down sleeping bag, especially the improper cleaning method, which may make a mess of your sleeping bag. It is a pity that a sleeping bag is not used as long as the cleaning method is not correct. The sleeping bag expert will give you a detailed description of how the down sleeping bag is used for a long time.
Use the sleeping bag, the most easily contaminated place is the head, some sleeping bags in order to reduce the number of cleaning, in the head with a detachable activity liner, use a period, take the wash and wash it. If there is no such liner, it is possible to wear a cap with a sleeping bag to get the same fruit.
How do the down sleeping bags be cleaned?
1. Please use neutral detergent or special sleeping bag cleaning agent to clean the sleeping bag. Do not use strong detergent, bleach and clothing softener, which will destroy the structure of the feather and reduce the fluffy.
2. Before washing, the sleeping bags can be soaked for a short time. Soft brush is used to gently clean the dirty parts of the head, neckline, footstep and so on.
3. Sleeping bags can be washed by the front roller washing machine, but the upper type turbine washing machine can not be used. Turn the sleeping bag out before washing machine, pull all zippers and buckle up. Washing machine chooses warm water and mild mode. Do not use the dry cleaning function. Strong centrifugal force will damage sleeping bag fabric and lining.
4, please thoroughly wash detergent and soap foam.
5. After cleaning, do not pick up the sleeping bags from the side, but take the sleeping bags from the bottom as a whole, otherwise they will damage the sleeping bags and lining.
6. Frequent washing often damages the sleeping bag's thermal insulation down. Therefore, please minimize the frequency of washing when you keep it clean.